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Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-5:00PM CSTblandit praesent luptatum

Saturday-Sunday: Closed

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No. 96, Jecica City, NJ 07305, New York, USA

Phone: 888.444.6455 – Fax: 608.625.2600


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” African Spices is my quality shop. Everything they sell is original no mixing. “

” I was amazed when I made order on phone  by 10am and I took delivery by 1 pm next day in Liverpool. Everything came fresh as I wanted them. I can’t express my excitement because these items bring me to London every fortnight.”

” It was when I started shopping at African Spices that I realised that the Ground Egusi sold in other shops had been mixed other products. Here you buy original and undiluted home foods. “

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